Friday, October 2, 2015



If you are one of the thousands being abused and tricked by Hostgator you need to look here and speak out. Hostgator has teamed up with Sitelock and they will stop at nothing to force you to get their extra services. 


Client Request Errors
400 - Bad Request
401 - Authorization Required
403 - Forbidden
404 - Not Found
405 - Method Not Allowed
406 - Not Acceptable (encoding)
407 - Proxy Authentication Required 
408 - Request Timed Out
409 - Conflicting Request
410 - Gone
411 - Content Length Required
412 - Precondition Failed
413 - Request Entity Too Long
414 - Request URI Too Long
415 - Unsupported Media Type

Server Errors
500 - Internal Server Error
501 - Not Implemented
502 - Bad Gateway 
503 - Service Unavailable
504 - Gateway Timeout
505 - HTTP Version Not Supported

Then, you are in the right place. It is very obvious what they are doing to make up money. They sell you a $10 a month plan but they expect your site to go down due to bogus reason with no explanation. This way they can up sale you to sitelock or even a higher or private server. Please read this blog and submit your experience. we truly want the public to  put a stop to this abuse.


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  2. HAHHAHAHA, I just spent literally 15 hrs on the phone with the same situation. I am still to get a copy of this spamhaus blacklist. since according to them they reporder my site for sending spam. I have just a basic site with some traffic. They will not provide me with any information. I explain to the agent that i just simply wanted the email that they received. I mean simple question to someone whom i pay for 4 different accounts and a good paying customer. nobody gives a rats ass about anyone there and they just want to sell you their stupid Sitelock service. Good luck to you all but I you can write me down for a class action.

  3. lost cause homie. They have become a huge force even though it is a small building in TX with the supervisors right behind them. So when u call and they cannot put you to customer service,manager or someone above, they are just laughing at you on the same table. Seen it all and would love to share my experiences and hurt their feelings back, Peace!

  4. From Yoast Seo WP Plugin,

    Today I got a tweet from a user of WordPress SEO who had their site disabled by HostGator, without any prior notice. They said that while they had a cache plugin running, their caching wasn’t working, and HostGator blamed it on two plugins, our own WordPress SEO plugin and WordFence.

    Why would these plugins prevent caching?

    They said that these two plugins prevented caching based on a grep through the source for DONOTCACHE constants. These DONOTCACHE constants are a method for a plugin or theme to prevent W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache from caching the current page because sometimes you have to.

    In the case of my WordPress SEO plugin, it’s to test whether title rewriting works, which is only done on installation of the plugin. In the case of the WordFence plugin, they do it when they’re locking out users for security reasons, but don’t want the caching plugin to serve that “lock” to everyone else. Both are entirely legitimate reasons for not wanting to cache a page, but of course it does mean that when you search for DONOTCACHE constants in the source of the plugin, you’ll find them.

    The admin at HostGator should have, of course, bothered to look a bit deeper. Instead, he opted to send this email:

    Email from Hostgator

    He did a search through the source, found the constants and stopped looking. Also, he didn’t email this customer saying he had a concern, no, he disabled their site and then emailed them. Know that this was a personal site, with very little traffic. Calling this extremely poor customer service is probably still taking it too positively.

    I wish it was the first time this happened, but it wasn’t. Which is why I decided to dive deeper and see if it could be solved. It pains me to have to write this post and I have reached out to HostGator to see if they’re willing to change their ways. For now, the only honest advice I can give you is to switch hosting if you’re on HostGator. Not just because they dislike my plugin, but for disabling a site without any notice…

    So where should you host your site?

    I have an article about WordPress hosting, filled with advice. On top of that, I know that WP Engine likes our SEO plugin, so much in fact that they use it on their own site and they offer decent hosting. Also, DreamHost, who are awesome if only because they employ the fabulous Ipstenu, have never done anything weird like this.

    So, if you’re on HostGator, vote with your wallet. Get away from there.

    Disclaimer: I make a bit of money for referring you to each and every host I mention, but since they all offer me money that doesn’t really affect my thinking on any of them. Synthesis, my current host, pays me the same as WP Engine, as does, etc.

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  6. Hostgator and sitelock are partners regardless of what they say. I even have a voicemail from sitelock that alady left and in it she stated partners.

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  9. let's sue them - i'm in...

  10. i've had 10 sites just deleted from their servers and when they DO detect hackers, they shut down my business site, costing me money and tell me to pay for additional features that do not stop the attacks

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